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How to get rid of small black Bugs with hard shell?

Hello Answerers,

Recently I start founding little black Bugs on my bed room window sill and because my bed is next to the window, I’ve been founding them on my bed too. I don’t know where these Bugs come from… I mean it could be from the window(above my window is some gap with dust) but it could also be from my bed… I am not sure what the bug is and how to get rid of it, can you guys help me out?

Bug Description:
Small(2-3mm), Black, Mildly-Hard Shell on its back, Squish-able, clear liquid after being squished no blood visible, does not move much, cannot move fast, does not react much when I go squish them, they can only crawl.
Hey, Just on a side note, I don’t have carpet at home, we have floor tiles.
The bug is not long, but close to a round shape from bird’s eye view. There seem to be some noticeable pattern on it’s back but it’s hard to see, it resembles a lady bug sometimes…
when I look at it.

What you are seeing is the Black Carpet Beetle. There is also another carpet beetle that is common in the home and it is called the varied carpet beetle.

Window seals are the most common areas where these pest are spotted. Though you may find them in your carpet, and other surfaces.

Here is some information on them:

Once in the home, if the larvae do not have a food source they will die, an interior treatment with a residual growth regulator is needed to eliminate any infestations you may have in your carpet. Any and all suits made of wool or leather items, minks, etc.. will have to be professionally cleaned to ensure that the larvae and eggs are destroyed. The carpet beetle larvae will also feed on feathers so inspect your down pillows, comforter etc. very carefully.

I hope this helps.

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